Alua Elifhia


Kanji Name アルア エリヒア
Romaji Name Arua Erihia
Title Profondita Lightning Guardian
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth June 10
Famiglia Profondíta Famiglia
Team Profondíta Guardians
Flame Lightning
Blood Type AB
Height 177cm
Soul Fulmen
Chapter Debut Chapter 1
Voice Actor Nakajima Megumi

Character OutlineEdit

Alua Elifhia is a main character in Lost Soul as well as the Profondíta Lightning Guardian. She has a cheer-free personality and hardly takes things serious. She has recieved three character songs so far.

Plot OverviewEdit

Lost Soul ArcEdit


Elifhia is sent by someone to pretend to be a Junior High student in Namimori. She is the one that makes Burmuk and Gokudera run around in ninja clothes. She later befriends Lambo. She is later invited to join Tsuna's family by Reborn, but she claims that she has to leave and runs off.



Elifhia and Lambo play together a lot.


Mozaik Role




  • In the fandom, Elifhia's number is 1.
  • She reads Bleach, and probably Naruto.
  • Elifhia's favourite foode is pasta.
  • Her favourite song is "The Green Gentleman" by Panic! At the Disco.
  • To summarize her reaction when meeting someone new, it would be "Yay! Let's be friends FOREVER!"
  • She refers to herself as "Atashi".
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