Alua Elifhia Seme Pairings Edit

  • Alua Elifhia/Lambo (1L)

Hiraza Onak Seme PairingsEdit

  • Hiraza Onak/Yamamoto Takeshi (1380)
  • Hiraza Onak/Kaching Killstick (1397)

Yamidak Burmuk Seme PairingsEdit

  • Yamidak Burmuk/Gokudera Hayato (2859)
  • Yamidak Burmuk/Alua Elifhia (281)

FlameLeaf Seme PairingsEdit

  • FlameLeaf/Sasagawa Ryohei (2233)
  • FlameLeaf/Alua Elifhia (221)

Kaching Killstick Seme PairingsEdit

  • Kaching Killstick/Hibari Kyoya (9718)
  • Kaching Killstick/Hiraza Onak (9713)

Kaits Neka Seme PairingsEdit

  • Kaits Neka/Chrome Dokuro (896)

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