This template is used to create a character infobox.
Type {{Rain character|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{Rain character
|Image = Yamamoto.png
|Kanji Name = 山本武
|Romaji Name = Yamamoto Takeshi
|Title = 10th Vongola Rain Guardian
|Gender = Male
|Age = 14 years old, 24 in the Future (According to Fanbook)
|Status = Alive
|Date of Birth = April 24
|Famiglia = Vongola Famiglia
|Team = [[Vongola Decimo & Guardians]]
|Weapons = [[Shigure Kintoki]]
|Weapons 2 = Asari Ugetsu
|Box Animal = [[Vongola Rain Swallow]] ('''Kojirou'''), [[Vongola Rain Akita]] ('''Jirou''')
|Flame = Rain
|Blood Type = O
|Height = 177cm
|Weight = 63kg
|Soul = Suguru Inoue
|Chapter Debut = Chapter 5

Results in...

Rain character/doc

Rain character/doc

Kanji Name 山本武
Romaji Name Yamamoto Takeshi
Title 10th Vongola Rain Guardian
Gender Male
Age 14 years old, 24 in the Future (According to Fanbook)
Status Alive
Date of Birth April 24
Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Team Vongola Decimo & Guardians
Box Animal Vongola Rain Swallow (Kojirou), Vongola Rain Akita (Jirou)
Flame Rain
Blood Type O
Height 177cm
Weight 63kg
Soul Suguru Inoue
Chapter Debut Chapter 5

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