Soul Hyper! Rumble!
Title Soul Hyper! Rumble!
Developer Yay!Studios
Platform PC
Genre Fighting, 2D
Release Date (BETA) TBA
Release Date (FULL) TBA

Soul Hyper! Rumble! is the first fighting game based on Lost Soul as well as the first game announced. The game modes included in the game are:

  • Arcade
  • VS Mode
  • Team Arcade
  • Team VS
  • Team CO-OP
  • Survival
  • Survival CO-OP
  • Training
  • Watch

The game is based on the Lost Soul Arc. Special passwords will be handed out that will unlock secret characters. The playable characters revealed so far are:

Some characters are stated to appear somehow in the game, but it is not revealed if they will be playable. Those characters are:

The game will have several different stages. The ones revealed so far are:

  • Tsuna's Home
  • Namimori School
  • Namimori Street


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